Thursday, December 19, 2013

Top Winter Snow Cone & Shaved Ice Creations

Everyone loves an icy treat even when it's cold outside, so your shaved ice menu should reflect the change in seasons. Help get your customers into the spirit of the winter season with fun and creative flavors! It's just a matter of a little imagination and marketing to keep everyone munching on snow cones through the New Year.

Butterscotch Creation

Pour evaporated milk onto your naked snow cone or shaved ice, creating a creamy base for your topping. Drizzle butterscotch across the top of your ice, and allow it to absorb into the cone. If your customer wants more butterscotch, simply drizzle more on top to form a smooth film. Before the butterscotch hardens too much, sprinkle chopped nuts on top. As they conform to the topping, your shaved ice creation becomes a work of art!

Cherry & Peppermint Heaven

The basic cherry shaved ice treat is dressed up nicely for the holidays. Drizzle the ice with Creme De Menthe, a minty flavor that mixes well with cherry. Add liquid chocolate or marshmallow creme to complete the holiday cheer. If you have any cracked peppermint or candy cane pieces in stock, decorate the top with these colorful accents. Your shaved ice looks like a holiday party in your hand!

Coffee, Anyone?

For the coffee aficionado, try adding condensed milk and coffee liqueur to the ice. The milk provides a creamy taste while the liqueur is a Kahlua flavor from real coffee drinking. Add marshmallow creme or liquid chocolate on top for a decadent take on coffeehouse staples. Go a little further and dot the top of the shaved ice with a maraschino cherry. Indulge in the winter!

Wintertime is Citrus Time

Where orange trees grow, winter is the time for harvesting, filling groceries with every citrus variety imaginable. Create your own citrus treat for customers looking to watch their figure this winter. Add orange shaved ice syrup to the shaved ice, along with condensed milk. An orange and cream concoction is the result, making customers dream of warmer days approaching. If they feel a little daring, add some marshmallow creme on top for a fun texture to the ice.

Ice Cream Trickery

Scoop some egg nog ice cream into the bottom of your ice creation. Add ice on top of the ice cream. Drizzle sweet cream, or condensed milk, on top. As the ice melts, your customer will have the taste of egg nog forming in their mouth as all the ingredients combine together. Add marshmallow creme or liquid chocolate on top for the ultimate holiday treat. Winter has never been so yummy.


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