Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our Frosty Friends: Ice Cream and Gelato

Since summer will soon be rolling through, we would like to highlight a couple of other frozen goodies like ice cream and gelato for these warm seasons. While ice cream has always been a known staple, gelato has quickly become a popular trend. Most people can probably taste the subtle differences in texture and density between the two, but some may not even be aware of the differences at all. Here’s a short comparison of the two:

Ice cream typically has more fat content than gelato

Don’t be fooled by the dense and creamy texture of gelato; it doesn’t signify a fattier dessert. Ice cream is customarily made with more cream than milk, and gelato is made with a mixture of more milk than cream. However, cream is not the only culprit; egg yolks are a source of fat as well. Gelato requires the use of less egg yolks – if any at all – in its recipe than ice cream does.

Gelato is churned slower than ice cream

This is the main reason as to why gelato can have such a thick and dense texture without the disadvantages of an enormous fat content. Churning any mixture at high speeds will introduce a lot of air, which is the reason why ice cream has a lighter and fluffier texture than gelato does. With the combination of less air and less cream, gelato has a tendency to be more dense and flavorful.

They are served at much different temperatures

If gelato was stored at the same temperature as ice cream, which is around 10 degrees Fahrenheit, you would probably be picking away at a frozen brick. This is where the air content comes into play again. Because gelato is introduced to less air, it doesn’t need freezing temperatures to keep its shape. Generally, gelato can be served about 15 degrees F higher than ice cream.

In the end, it’s all about personal preferences. But we’re confident neither will stop you from reaching the bottom of the carton! However, if you’re looking for a quick and healthy dessert option that you can make directly from home, nothing beats a snow cone or shaved ice. With the ability to customize and add different flavors on site, it’s a go-to summer favorite! Stay cool, my friends!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Local Shaved Ice Flavor: Sno-Beach, Austin TX

Everyone loves their local shaved ice stand, offering delicious fruity flavors combined with refreshing ice to cool you down on a hot summer day. Best of all, the majority of shaved ice businesses are locally owned -operated by your friends and neighbors.  It’s a great way to enjoy a refreshing treat while supporting your community’s economy.

In an effort to support local business, we’re going to highlight a locally owned shaved ice stand in Austin, Texas. SnoBeach was born by Connie and Don over twenty years ago in Austin, born from a couple’s love of shaved ice, and a desire to live closer to their grandchildren. Anyone who’s ever visited Austin in the summer, or any time of year for that matter, knows that Austin can have high temperatures – and that Austin is a mecca of creative food trucks, like SnoBeach.

As one of the first food trucks in Austin, SnoBeach’s foresight, hard work and tasty shaved ice creations have helped many thousands of Austinites and visitors beat the heat! Over the years SnoBeach has changed locations, expanded the menu, and passed the business down to one of their devout customers, but has kept the same friendly service and quality shaved ice. Best of all, SnoBeach has never forgotten that helping others in need is always more important than the bottom line. Over the years the generosity of SnoBeach’s “Change the World” project has made positive a positive impact, helping the needy from the hills of Central Texas to the plateaus of Ethiopia.  

If you are ever in the “Live Music Capitol of the World” make sure you stop by SnoBeach in one of their two locations! One at the University of Texas, another on Barton Strings Road. Let them know who sent you!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Top Winter Snow Cone & Shaved Ice Creations

Everyone loves an icy treat even when it's cold outside, so your shaved ice menu should reflect the change in seasons. Help get your customers into the spirit of the winter season with fun and creative flavors! It's just a matter of a little imagination and marketing to keep everyone munching on snow cones through the New Year.

Butterscotch Creation

Pour evaporated milk onto your naked snow cone or shaved ice, creating a creamy base for your topping. Drizzle butterscotch across the top of your ice, and allow it to absorb into the cone. If your customer wants more butterscotch, simply drizzle more on top to form a smooth film. Before the butterscotch hardens too much, sprinkle chopped nuts on top. As they conform to the topping, your shaved ice creation becomes a work of art!

Cherry & Peppermint Heaven

The basic cherry shaved ice treat is dressed up nicely for the holidays. Drizzle the ice with Creme De Menthe, a minty flavor that mixes well with cherry. Add liquid chocolate or marshmallow creme to complete the holiday cheer. If you have any cracked peppermint or candy cane pieces in stock, decorate the top with these colorful accents. Your shaved ice looks like a holiday party in your hand!

Coffee, Anyone?

For the coffee aficionado, try adding condensed milk and coffee liqueur to the ice. The milk provides a creamy taste while the liqueur is a Kahlua flavor from real coffee drinking. Add marshmallow creme or liquid chocolate on top for a decadent take on coffeehouse staples. Go a little further and dot the top of the shaved ice with a maraschino cherry. Indulge in the winter!

Wintertime is Citrus Time

Where orange trees grow, winter is the time for harvesting, filling groceries with every citrus variety imaginable. Create your own citrus treat for customers looking to watch their figure this winter. Add orange shaved ice syrup to the shaved ice, along with condensed milk. An orange and cream concoction is the result, making customers dream of warmer days approaching. If they feel a little daring, add some marshmallow creme on top for a fun texture to the ice.

Ice Cream Trickery

Scoop some egg nog ice cream into the bottom of your ice creation. Add ice on top of the ice cream. Drizzle sweet cream, or condensed milk, on top. As the ice melts, your customer will have the taste of egg nog forming in their mouth as all the ingredients combine together. Add marshmallow creme or liquid chocolate on top for the ultimate holiday treat. Winter has never been so yummy.